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About Us

About Us

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About Us

Our Philosophy

We are focused on providing customized solutions for our customers' metalworking needs. Committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, we embody our aim to provide punctual quality products and services in everything we do.

From operating reliable processes, to taking pride in providing guaranteed good workmanship, our team is constantly developing improvement programs to achieve the highest level of productivity and excellent customer service. 

Our Focus

Since our inception in 1996, our focus has always been to help our customers improve manufacturing performance and profitability, by introducing unparalleled products and services to reduce operating costs and lead times.

Carrying an extensive range of milling, turning, holemaking, turning and tooling system products from reknowned American brand Kennametal, we expanded our product offerings to include metalworking fluids and coolant management equipment from Master Fluid Solutions (USA) in efforts to provide well rounded support for our customers production shopfloor.

Recognizing that needs vary across different industries, we introduced the service of designing and producing customized metal cutting tools that are not readily available in the market, and the provision of tools regrinding services. Our team is dedicated to following through with our customers from tool and process design inception, to machine and process completion.

Our Commitment to Quality

Currently certified by the AS9100 standard, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to quality and continual improvement with our quality management system. Our processes ensure excellent product quality and services to meet customers expectations and requirements.

We currently supports many local and multi-national companies in Singapore in the aerospace, oil & gas, microelectronics and defence industries. With the ever evolving landscape of the manufacturing industry, we constantly seek to upgrade our products and services, so as to secure our foothold of being a reliable solutions provider for all manufacturers across the various industries.

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Cerification and/or Accomplishments

Our dedication to helping our customers focus on the root causes of unsustainable manufacturing processes, while providing solutions to improve cost structure, quality and performance has garnered many positive reviews. Guided by our understanding of the marketplace and available technologies, we centre ourselves around providing sincere solutions and services.

In recognition of our contributions, we were recommended for and thereafter awarded Top 100 Trusted SMEs 2017 Award by the Singapore Enterprise Association.